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Getting the right look: PA2 Portraits

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We are collaborating to get better backdrops for a landmark picture. Read on…


The Story

If you are friends with NYCC students, you’ve seen it already.

This time every year, the pages of Facebook overflow with pictures of blue-coated, stethoscope brandishing doctors-in-training. Taking these pictures is a tradition for Dr. Maggie Finn, who teaches NYCC’s Patient Assessment Methods II class, part of the 5th trimester of our chiropractic education. The pictures mark the day that we must complete a full-body, multi-system physical exam, tying together a full semester of patient assessment practice in one 45-minute examination. Dr. Finn says that watching us demonstrate this range of clinical skills and professionality always makes her proud, so she wants to share that moment Read more…

DCs in DC: National Chiropractic Leadership Conference 2015

On February 25, nearly 600 people descended on Washington, DC, for the National Chiropractic Leadership Conference, most commonly known as NCLC. This annual conference brings doctors, students, and other advocates together for a weekend centered around lobbying for patient choice and chiropractic-friendly legislation.

Making an impressive showing, 280 of those gathering on Capitol Hill were chiropractic students. Right off the bus/plane, we were greeted by a reception in a Congressional hall, where several of the country’s most Read more…

7th Trimester: Enter Clinic

T7 Clinic Attire“Do you remember your intern from first tri?” Dr. Dimond asked his interns during a weekly meeting. Around the room, the five of us bobbed heads in unison, naming off the third-year students who had treated us during our first months on campus. “Exactly,” the doctor said. “Now that’s you. They’re going to remember you like that.”

I counted down Read more…

Learning to Lead

SACALead 2014 group picture
The past week has been an absolute blur. Playing feature roles in my life right now: 32 recently added Facebook friends, a long-yet-lengthening to-do list, a cascade of new books on my kitchen table, and a suitcase that I still have not unpacked. Sleep seems to be something only done on weekends. Fortunately, the weekend just arrived, so allow me to take off my tie and fill you in.

Let me backtrack Read more…

Know Your Scope: Variation in Chiropractic Scope of Practice

Scope chart snip

A recent article in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics lays out the scope of a Doctor of Chiropractic in each state.

At New York Chiropractic College, there is an unofficial pre-final exam tradition of taking pictures clad in the blue coat and stethoscope of a chiropractic intern. For students, it signifies a significant step in their education. Learning the skills and tools of patient assessment is a step towards the full competencies of a doctor of chiropractic. “Frame it, give it to your mom, make her cry,” the doctor teaching the class instructs.

Yet travel to practice in the booming college town of Ann Arbor, or provide services in the struggling city of Detroit, and the same picture could be used as legal evidence. Read more…

A letter to the NYCC Office of Academic Affairs

Dear sir or ma’am,

Local authorities have informed us that you are to thank for our recent spate of success.

The structure and scheduling assembled for your students during this time of examinations Read more…

The Seneca Falls Bucket List

When you’re a student at New York Chiropractic College, there are certain things that are simply essential experiences. Though there is little free time when you have class 32 hours each week, we still live in the Finger Lakes. Despite a relatively rural setting, there are a surprisingly endless number of things to see and do before you can say you’ve truly experienced the region.

Flipping into Cayuga Lake

NYCC students study on campus for 7 trimesters, or just over two years, and then have the option to intern in school-run clinics throughout New York. I myself will be located in Rochester, NY. For those of us leaving, it means a limited time to do it all, in the company of the friends alongside whom we’ve studied, played and slept. And that’s just the activities in the classroom!

Fear not. With help from the class of December 2015, I have compiled all of the things you need to do to say you had the Seneca Falls experience.

Essential Eats

Read more…

Over the Hill: 6th Trimester

Thirty students ready for trail building

I am now in my fifth week of 6th trimester at New York Chiropractic College, and I am sleeping less than usual already.

To be fair, summer in the Finger Lakes presents its many distractions, and I have done little to resist. Yesterday evening I left a trail of dust along 25 miles of wandering roads between Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake, east and west of campus, as I enjoyed some good weather from the seat of my road bike. And I even took one of my big projects outside.

This part of the 10-trimester doctor of chiropractic curriculum has a reputation for Read more…

10 Things I’ve Learned from Being President


Alongside two of my fellow NYCC chapter leaders

Today marks the end of my fifth trimester of chiropractic college! I have completed a full half of my doctoral education now, and gained incredible perspectives and experiences. But far from being limited to the classroom, a great portion of these lessons come from outside experiences.

One of my greatest opportunities was as president of the New York Chiropractic College chapter of the Student American Chiropractic Association, or SACA. I arrived at NYCC just waiting for the chance to get into a leadership position, somewhere that I could put my excess of Read more…

Insight into chiropractic classes: Radiology

Note from Brendan: I’m in the middle of final exams, but the essay I wrote for my Bone and Joint Imaging class last week gives some insight into one of the coolest classes in the NYCC curriculum, and sends a message that I felt is important for all doctors. So here is my adaptation:

Satisfaction of search. Meaning the tendency to stop reading a radiograph after turning up one interesting finding, it comes naturally to all beginners in the field of radiology. It is but one of an extensive list of biases Indiana University School of Medicine radiologist Dr. Richard Gunderman highlights in an important 2009 article in the American Journal of Roentgenology (geek speak for the study of x-ray imagery). These biases can pose a risk to patients and create extra burden on healthcare systems, but persistent awareness of these biases truly can create a more effective physician. Read more…

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