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Yesterday, I graduated.

In the cold upstate New York morning, a cloud of students descended on the NYCC campus. Many of the crowd had not been here in as much as a year, other than a pilgrimage for licensing exams. We crowded into a hot back room, draped ourselves in black gowns and caps, lined up, and waited for the music to start.

In all, 94 of us walked the stage to receive our Doctor of Chiropractic degree yesterday. After dedicating ourselves fully to these studies since fall 2012, it was an incredibly relaxed, joyous group.

“You’ve started a movement of commitment, compassion, and excellence,” said student body president Bryan Kent, addressing the class on behalf of himself and the other students still in the thick of their studies. I had sworn I wouldn’t cry, but I admit that I got all misty eyed during his speech. This collective class has led the way in learning on and off campus, teaching those who come after us, improving the school and it’s policies, and involving students in the wider profession. Along the way, I think we unintentionally built a sense of spirit among students that wasn’t there before.

I feel incredibly lucky to have enjoyed the company of this class. As we spread out across the world in our professional lives, I’m proud to say we became doctors together.

Today, I can call myself Brendan McCann, Doctor of Chiropractic.

This won’t be the end of this blog. There is still much more to write! And as always, you can find me on Twitter at @bhmccann.

The NYCC Health Centers

The final year of chiropractic education centers on the clinical experience, and at NYCC, students move off to one of four school-run clinics around New York State. One, of course, is at the main campus in Seneca Falls. One is on Long Island, where NYCC had its main campus until a move in the early ’90s. Two more are along the I-90 corridor, near the major cities of Rochester and Buffalo.

One full year before the big move, though, T5 students have to decide which city they want to call home during their clinical year. It can be a tough decision, with little information to distinguish between the clinics for those with no geographic preference. Over the past months, I talked with students from each of the locations, asking about about advantages, disadvantages, which students intern there, patient base/case types, how busy it is, mentor clinicians, opportunities, and other considerations. Here’s what I learned from some of my classmates:

Read more…

Canadian Students Entering NYCC

NYCC Canadian Club

Canadians are great. That said, prepare yourself for three years of needling for being our mild-mannered, hockey-loving, snow-tolerant, eh-dropping neighbors to the north. Being from just south of the border, I have no clue about the trials and tribulations of crossing over. So I recruited a friend from the Canadian Chiropractic Club on campus (it’s like a support group), and he is here with a supplementary set of tips based on his first year as a student in the US of A: Read more…

Making an Entrance: Answers for new student questions

Wisdom. It’s that thing that comes with experience, and makes even average people look sagely. That’s what this feels like right now, as I have in front of me a list of common questions from new incoming students at New York Chiropractic College, who arrive for classes in two weeks. This is like a culmination of the original goal of this blog, filling in the gaps missed by all the other college web pages.

Pre-requisite for new students: join the NYCC Casual Group on Facebook, where you can find other NYCC students of all levels. Ok, now let’s dig into this bag of inquisitions. Read more…

Dancing to Support Cancer Patients

Donate now to NYCC's Dance Marrow-thon for Be The MatchNYCC Student Body President Bryan Kent wrote:

The first ever New York Chiropractic College Dance Marrow-Thon will serve as a fundraiser and awareness event to benefit Operated by the National Marrow Donor Program, has organized the largest and most diverse marrow registry in the world. Saving lives is their mission and we are here to help. We encourage all faculty, staff, and students of NYCC to raise money, join the national bone marrow registry, and DANCE YOUR FACE OFF!

EVENT DATE: JUL 24, 2015

We may be a small community, but we can have an incredible impact. We all Read more…

8th Trimester: Into the World

schedule-t8Short of graduation, there is no landmark in chiropractic college more highly anticipated than the beginning of 8th trimester. It is the K2 to graduation’s Everest, the delayed opening to graduation’s snow day, the Peyton to graduation’s Brady, the table wine to a graduation’s Cabernet Sauvignon. That is to say, not the pinnacle, but still pretty outstanding.

Having just completed T8 myself, I can say that this anticipation is well deserved. We transitioned quite dramatically from spending 24 hours in lecture halls in each week of T7 to spending as many hours in treatment rooms this semester. Read more…

Getting the right look: PA2 Portraits


The Story

If you are friends with NYCC students, you’ve seen it already.

This time every year, the pages of Facebook overflow with pictures of blue-coated, stethoscope brandishing doctors-in-training. Taking these pictures is a tradition for Dr. Maggie Finn, who teaches NYCC’s Patient Assessment Methods II class, part of the 5th trimester of our chiropractic education. The pictures mark the day that we must complete a full-body, multi-system physical exam, tying together a full semester of patient assessment practice in one 45-minute examination. Dr. Finn says that watching us demonstrate this range of clinical skills and professionality always makes her proud, so she wants to share that moment Read more…

DCs in DC: National Chiropractic Leadership Conference 2015

On February 25, nearly 600 people descended on Washington, DC, for the National Chiropractic Leadership Conference, most commonly known as NCLC. This annual conference brings doctors, students, and other advocates together for a weekend centered around lobbying for patient choice and chiropractic-friendly legislation.

Making an impressive showing, 280 of those gathering on Capitol Hill were chiropractic students. Right off the bus/plane, we were greeted by a reception in a Congressional hall, where several of the country’s most Read more…

7th Trimester: Enter Clinic

T7 Clinic Attire“Do you remember your intern from first tri?” Dr. Dimond asked his interns during a weekly meeting. Around the room, the five of us bobbed heads in unison, naming off the third-year students who had treated us during our first months on campus. “Exactly,” the doctor said. “Now that’s you. They’re going to remember you like that.”

I counted down Read more…

Learning to Lead

SACALead 2014 group picture
The past week has been an absolute blur. Playing feature roles in my life right now: 32 recently added Facebook friends, a long-yet-lengthening to-do list, a cascade of new books on my kitchen table, and a suitcase that I still have not unpacked. Sleep seems to be something only done on weekends. Fortunately, the weekend just arrived, so allow me to take off my tie and fill you in.

Let me backtrack Read more…

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