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by on December 6, 2015


Yesterday, I graduated.

In the cold upstate New York morning, a cloud of students descended on the NYCC campus. Many of the crowd had not been here in as much as a year, other than a pilgrimage for licensing exams. We crowded into a hot back room, draped ourselves in black gowns and caps, lined up, and waited for the music to start.

In all, 94 of us walked the stage to receive our Doctor of Chiropractic degree yesterday. After dedicating ourselves fully to these studies since fall 2012, it was an incredibly relaxed, joyous group.

“You’ve started a movement of commitment, compassion, and excellence,” said student body president Bryan Kent, addressing the class on behalf of himself and the other students still in the thick of their studies. I had sworn I wouldn’t cry, but I admit that I got all misty eyed during his speech. This collective class has led the way in learning on and off campus, teaching those who come after us, improving the school and it’s policies, and involving students in the wider profession. Along the way, I think we unintentionally built a sense of spirit among students that wasn’t there before.

I feel incredibly lucky to have enjoyed the company of this class. As we spread out across the world in our professional lives, I’m proud to say we became doctors together.

Today, I can call myself Brendan McCann, Doctor of Chiropractic.

This won’t be the end of this blog. There is still much more to write! And as always, you can find me on Twitter at @bhmccann.

  1. Judy Stenberg permalink

    Dear Brendan, congratulations from a very distant cousin on the Stone side whom you have never met. (Martha Crane can explain.) May you have a bright and very successful future.
    Judy Stenberg

  2. Nikki permalink

    Proud of you, Doc. 🙂 And glad you’re not ending your blog! Cheers to future endeavors.

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