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A letter to the NYCC Office of Academic Affairs

by on August 12, 2014

Dear sir or ma’am,

Local authorities have informed us that you are to thank for our recent spate of success.

The structure and scheduling assembled for your students during this time of examinations has truly allowed us to thrive. It shows foresight and genuine good will to treat us this way. Our opportunities have expanded in ways we never anticipated, living in such a small, humble town.

Past generations have traveled to live downstate, in the city, and stories of such wealth and security always make their way home, usually by the public transit service that makes drop-offs on the Seneca Falls-Waterloo border. But now our own locally burgeoning food supply is- directly or indirectly- due to decisions made by your office.

We believe that the students may benefit, too. They have spent more time studying and less time on wasteful tasks like washing dishes and removing perfectly good refuse.

We applaud these decisions and ask that you continue to keep us in mind as you structure your curriculum for the upcoming Fall semester.

Fruit Flies of Seneca Falls


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  1. Gayle Murphy permalink

    Thought of you last week as I flew by Seneca Falls exit on the NY Thruway. I went to a conference at the Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, NY which is between Niagra Falls and Erie, PA. It seemed particularly interesting after reading you last blog about the top 10 things to do in the Seneca Falls area. Beautiful drive, great conference, but a really long time on the NY Thruway.
    Congrats on winding up this semester, fruit flies and all.

  2. McCann, Debora permalink

    I don’t understand what this article os referencing. What did you do? How was this group helped?

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