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Sleepless Before Boards

by on March 22, 2014

20140322-002250.jpgA message to my classmates:

Tomorrow begins part one of four of our national board licensure exams. Of the process that gives us the legal right to practice as doctors. We aren’t playing dress-up here.

Six subjects, each with 110 questions in 90 minutes, consume our Saturday and Sunday. Nearly two years worth of study material.

And yet nerves are not what’s keeping me up. (Nor is it Neurology, I got through that this afternoon.)

It is because I can almost taste the freedom of clinic. Things are about to get real. And I don’t just mean real challenging. We get to stop being beyond-full-time studying machines, and start contributing to the world.

Maybe I am a bit ahead of myself. But when you get a chance to take a breath, take a look at where you are. Big picture.

You’ll be sitting in a room with 200 or so of the brightest, most dedicated people in the country.

And they’ll all be peeing their pants too.

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