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Help Hands In Training win a scholarship!

by on February 22, 2014

Zombie problems? I turn away no patients. But I need your help.

Whole-food supplement company Standard Process is offering the chance for each of 4 chiropractic students to win $2,500 scholarships to continue work on their doctoral studies. They have narrowed the field of competition to eight video finalists, and until Monday the 25th, public opinion can weigh in.

Classmate Nick Maio and I together created videos to creatively convey the complementary benefits of chiropractic and smart nutrition. And, yes, mine did end up being a zombie flick. I would love to have your support!

  1. Open the videos in YouTube: click here.
  2. Click “Like” or thumbs up below the videos (if asked to sign in, use your Gmail account).

Both the videos labeled #4 and #8 directly support me. I’m also excited to report that another classmate, Brittany Elmlinger (#5), was selected to this same group of finalists, and she would also appreciate your love and ‘likes’.

For me, the scholarship represents one small opportunity to focus my attention on endeavors like the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA), on local and national projects, and on this very blog.

It is also fantastic to have a scholarship opportunity that so closely aligns with my own values. As I state in my video, chiropractic on its own is an excellent resource, but it is not until patients prioritize intelligent nutrition and individual lifestyle decisions that they are likely find their healthiest state. It is exciting to me that my education prepares me for all aspects of taking part in patients’ path to performance.

It is also exciting to have companies like Standard Process who actively support students, advocate for chiropractic, and implement the very wisdom they dispense in their workplace. Thanks go out to them for providing this scholarship, and my thanks go to you, reader, for supporting me in my education, and my efforts to educate others!

To see the complete playlist of finalists in the “Chiropractic+Nutrition=” scholarship selection, head over to Standard Process’ Youtube channel. Voting closes on Monday, 2/24/2014.


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