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3rd Trimester: Summer Schedule

by on June 9, 2013
Seneca Falls evening

The sunset tonight over the canal near where I live

Up and down the street, families are out on their front porches and in their backyards enjoying the evening sun. A passenger barge floats by on the Seneca-Cayuga Canal which flows through our backyard. Across the canal, someone plays jazz standards on a trumpet, and a couple strolls along the Ludovico Sculpture Trail. It sounds unbelievably idyllic, but this is actually the scene as I sit writing this. Summer just suits Seneca Falls so well.

All of this makes studying so much more relaxing. But what a tease that I am still studying. Yes, classes are in session all summer long at New York Chiropractic College, and midterm exams begin in earnest this week. Which means that here in my house of four chiropractic students, little was accomplished this weekend that was not related to Physiopathology (including repairing our lawnmower, much to our landlord’s chagrin). Next weekend does not look promising either, with 4 more exams in store.

Here is what the classes look like this summer, the third trimester of my time in the Doctor of Chiropractic program:

  • Gross Anatomy III (with cadaver lab) – 5 credits, 7 hours per week
  • Physiopathology – 5 credits, 6 hr/wk
  • Chiropractic Technique IV – 4 credits, 6 hr/wk
  • Clinical Microbiology (with micro lab) – 4 credits, 5 hr/wk
  • Human Nutrition I – 2 credits, 2 hr/wk
  • Chiropractic and Philosophy – 2 credits, 2 hr/wk
  • Lower Extremities Technique – 2 credits, 3 hr/wk
  • Extremities Radiology – 0.5 credits, 1 hr/wk

That comes to totals of  24.5 credits and 32 hours spent in lecture halls and laboratories each week (not counting optional evening lab time, if you really don’t like the sun). This semester is a bit different, as we no longer have Biochemistry or Neurology, two hefty classes that followed us through our previous two semesters. This means new topics and a few new faces among our professors, which has never been a disappointment so far. There is much to tell about these classes, but you’ll have to come visit if you want to hear the full stories.

Looking at my exam schedule, better hold off for a few weeks on that visit.

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