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Dedication: Dr. Lillian M. Ford

by on September 18, 2012

Today chiropractic lost a great contributor.

Here at New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Lillian Ford was known to all. A 25-year member of the faculty, her impact is evident in the personal, emotional response of her fellow educators and the students who knew her well. Even the newest students, who I am among, very quickly became familiar with her passion for the profession and her penchant for discussion during the introductory course Chiropractic Philosophy and History. Clearly, her presence will be missed.

Nonetheless, Dr. Ford’s legacy has the opportunity to live on. In my last class with her, we discussed the mission, vision and values which comprise today’s chiropractic culture, following which she challenged each of us to define our goals, essentially laying out the future we wish for ourselves. As class concluded, one student asked Dr. Ford about her own goals. Though, she said, she hadn’t formally revisited these goals in years, her response is very telling of the person who she was, and should be a call to action for all of us who had the opportunity to learn from her:

“I want to make an impact on chiropractic throughout the world. That’s why I teach: all of you are that impact.”
-L.M. Ford, D.C.

  1. Douglas Fredman, DC, CCSP permalink

    Her impact will be felt for the rest of my career and undoubtedly countless others’. Working with her outside of class, she led me to my first chiropractic hand-on breakthrough, a revelatory day I will never forget. She greeted my lightbulb moment with her customary warm, sweet smile as if to say ‘mission accomplished.’ Her kindness, patience, generosity of spirit and unwaivering faith in chiropractic care will continue to be a model to us all and generations to come. I will forever recount my lessons from her to my colleagues. She is deeply missed.

  2. Chris Cueto, DC, CCSP permalink

    Well said. Dr. Ford always made us challenge our ways of thinking about chiropractic whether it’s philosophy to technique not to criticize it, but to allow us to fully examine them to understand both weaknesses and strengths so that we can fully master them and even defend them. She was a remarkable chiropractor, teacher and person with a great sense of humor. We will all miss her.

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