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Over the Hill: 6th Trimester

Thirty students ready for trail building

I am now in my fifth week of 6th trimester at New York Chiropractic College, and I am sleeping less than usual already.

To be fair, summer in the Finger Lakes presents its many distractions, and I have done little to resist. Yesterday evening I left a trail of dust along 25 miles of wandering roads between Cayuga Lake and Seneca Lake, east and west of campus, as I enjoyed some good weather from the seat of my road bike. And I even took one of my big projects outside.

This part of the 10-trimester doctor of chiropractic curriculum has a reputation for Read more…

10 Things I’ve Learned from Being President


Alongside two of my fellow NYCC chapter leaders

Today marks the end of my fifth trimester of chiropractic college! I have completed a full half of my doctoral education now, and gained incredible perspectives and experiences. But far from being limited to the classroom, a great portion of these lessons come from outside experiences.

One of my greatest opportunities was as president of the New York Chiropractic College chapter of the Student American Chiropractic Association, or SACA. I arrived at NYCC just waiting for the chance to get into a leadership position, somewhere that I could put my excess of Read more…

Insight into chiropractic classes: Radiology

Note from Brendan: I’m in the middle of final exams, but the essay I wrote for my Bone and Joint Imaging class last week gives some insight into one of the coolest classes in the NYCC curriculum, and sends a message that I felt is important for all doctors. So here is my adaptation:

Satisfaction of search. Meaning the tendency to stop reading a radiograph after turning up one interesting finding, it comes naturally to all beginners in the field of radiology. It is but one of an extensive list of biases Indiana University School of Medicine radiologist Dr. Richard Gunderman highlights in an important 2009 article in the American Journal of Roentgenology (geek speak for the study of x-ray imagery). These biases can pose a risk to patients and create extra burden on healthcare systems, but persistent awareness of these biases truly can create a more effective physician. Read more…

Sleepless Before Boards

20140322-002250.jpgA message to my classmates:

Tomorrow begins part one of four of our national board licensure exams. Of the process that gives us the legal right to practice as doctors. We aren’t playing dress-up here.

Six subjects, each with 110 questions in 90 minutes, consume our Saturday and Sunday. Nearly two years worth of study material.

And yet nerves are not what’s keeping me up. (Nor is it Neurology, I got through that this afternoon.)

It is because I can almost taste the freedom of clinic. Things are about to get real. And I don’t just mean real challenging. We get to stop being beyond-full-time studying machines, and start contributing to the world.

Maybe I am a bit ahead of myself. But when you get a chance to take a breath, take a look at where you are. Big picture.

You’ll be sitting in a room with 200 or so of the brightest, most dedicated people in the country.

And they’ll all be peeing their pants too.

The 100-Year Lifestyle

When you choose a profession, you have to know what you need from life. Myself, I love working with a variety of people, and I hate sitting. Among other things, satisfying those requirements in my career will grant me much more happiness- and according to National Geographic writer and longevity coach Dan Buettner, likely a longer, healthier life.

This past week, our professor of nutrition assigned a bonus opportunity, reflecting on Buettner’s 2009 presentation at TEDxTC in Minneapolis. In his talk Buettner discusses nine key principles common to all of the world’s longest-living cultures. These fall into four categories: moving naturally, right outlook, eating wisely, and connecting with others. Read more…

Washington Never Saw It Coming

Among my lobbying visits, I had a great experience in NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte's office.

Among my lobbying visits, I had a great experience in NH Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s office.

When it comes to lobbying Congress, there are a lot of strategies thrown around with the intent of maximizing impact. None of them involve 10-year-old passers-by. So even a seasoned Washington veteran could not have planned the conversation I had in NH Senator Kelly Ayotte’s office two weeks ago.

On a Wednesday evening in late February, I arrived in our nation’s capitol for the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference , along with 36 of my friends and doctoral classmates from New York Chiropractic College. Having traveled from snowy upstate New York, our moods were already high not only from Read more…

Current Events: National Chiropractic Legislative Conference

STARTING TOMORROW, chiropractors from around the United States converge on Washington, DC, for the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference. Students from NYCC’s chapter of the Student American Chiropractic Association have worked over the past year to raise funds for this trip, and 37 of us leave tomorrow morning to attend this huge chiropractic gathering, along with our advisor, Dr. Bill Lauretti, and a handful of alumni and school representatives.

The centerpiece of the conference, as its name implies, is legislative action. Doctors of chiropractic face a surprising number of law-related hurdles, which Read more…

Help Hands In Training win a scholarship!

Zombie problems? I turn away no patients. But I need your help.

Whole-food supplement company Standard Process is offering the chance for each of 4 chiropractic students to win $2,500 scholarships to continue work on their doctoral studies. They have narrowed the field of competition to eight video finalists, and until Monday the 25th, public opinion can weigh in.

Classmate Nick Maio and I together created videos to creatively convey the complementary benefits of chiropractic and smart nutrition. And, yes, mine did end up being a zombie flick. I would love to have your support!

  1. Read more…

Chiropractors with Needles

There are some aspects of chiropractic college that I didn’t see coming. Thirty human cadavers in one room is a bit shocking at first. Underground passages between academic buildings are pretty cool. Learning pretty much every structure in the human body over the course of a year sounds pretty impressive. But I can say with certainty that I did not expect to learn venipuncture- the art of doing a blood draw.

Preparing for blood draw

I know you have a vein here somewhere.

One of our fifth-trimester classes is Clinical Laboratory Diagnosis. The lecture introduces us to an array of biological testing, how it works, and how to interpret lab test results. Many of the test results Read more…

5th Trimester: Legendary

Yochum + Rowe: Essentials of Skeletal Radiology

The beloved books known simply as “Yochum and Rowe”

Each trimester in the New York Chiropractic College curriculum has a reputation. As popular notion goes, first trimester is the mess of getting accustomed to graduate studies, by second you have a routine down but the classes are hard, and third trimester is just plain ‘easy’ (if you don’t succumb to distractingly nice summer weather). Fourth trimester gets mixed reviews: on one hand, you can burn your dissecting scrubs, on the other, you now have Visceral Pathology.

Sound vague? Usually it is, but there is one trimester whose memory can still elicit a shudder from students who have reached the relatively cushy life of clinical rotations. They are known to sit for whole seconds at a time between patients, swapping survival stories.

“…There we was, creeping through pages of Lab Diagnosis, thinkin’ we were covered, when all of a sudden one of those professors sprang up and unleashed Read more…


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